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    The Event App you have been waiting for - EventUS
    What You Always Wished Event Apps Could Do!
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    EventUs App at a glance
    Understand | Engage | Inspire
    Advantages of Mobile Event App is the flexibility of the platform,
    the scope of functions as well as our competent full-service care.
    Even the content of your event like program, speakers, pictures, participants
    can be tailored by you without any hassle.
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    Welcome to AwesomenUS
    All your event management- One App!
    Unlike other event apps, EventUs gives you the power to use your own designs to
    create beautiful conference app home pages.
    From custom list views to dynamic dashboard designs, your app will be as unique as your event.


We include the following as the starting point for your apps. You can choose what to keep, the design, and customize to make it yours.


EventUs's unique agenda allows you to discover sessions, get details, view speakers, and take and share notes using a simple and intuitive interface. Attendees can also view similar sessions, connect to venue maps, and easily view other sessions that speakers are participating in.

The agenda serves as the easiest, most connected way of discovering event information as the touch of a button.


Users can easily add, edit, and remove sessions from their customized agenda with MySchedule. In addition, organizers get feedback on how many users have added sessions, giving them a valuable tool for planning.

MySchedule Lets Each Attendee Customize The Event.


EventUs lets you and your team manage speakers, content and sessions - and their locations - in one place. Dynamically alert attendees, update signage and comply with occupancy limitations with EventUs's content management functionality.

View speaker profiles and connect with their sessions in a dedicated, easy to explore section.


Sponsors place a premium on getting maximum exposure for their contribution. With EventUs, organizers can strategically promote their sponsors and make them a true presence at your event.

Your Sponsors Crave Presence. Put Them In Every Pocket

More Engagement

Give your attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and speakers a smart, simple and easy-to-use event app. With more ways to connect, your event community will come alive. Whether it's private meetings, relevant discussions, social network connections or year-round community, we've got you covered.

Real-Time Analytics

Know in real-time what your attendees are thinking and doing. Know what sessions, speakers, sponsors and exhibitors they are interested in and where you need to focus your attention. Use the data to make decisions and iterate before, during and after your event.

Share reports and charts internally and with sponsors and exhibitors. Prove the value you created. Know what you need to succeed.

Additional Features

You can then add, remove, and customize additional features as needed. Choose what works for your event and integrate additional features if needed.Don’t see a feature you want? You can create custom features that fit your needs.

  • Documents

    Have documents, PDFs, Powerpoint presentations, or images you need to share with your attendees? Easily upload a file, choose to assign it to session, and make it available to your event in a snap.

  • Administration

    With our customized EventUs backend, organizers have full control over all their content and can gain valuable information about how their attendees are interacting with the event.

  • Communication Evolved

    With EventUs's private message board, users can easily view and post messages to other attendees and increase interactivity. Plus, use PUSH messaging to send out updates.

  • Venue Maps

    Help users navigate the barrage of rooms and spaces with interactive maps. Users can choose their map, easily pinch and swipe to find their desired location and arrive with minimal hassle.

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